Still Having Accidents? Changing laxative dose is typically not enough to solve the issue.

Effective treatment of encopresis relies on first successfully emptying or cleaning out the child’s colon.  As explained in more detail in the UCanPoopToo Medication Core, children can be cleaned out with enemas or medicines.  If you do not believe your child is cleaned out after following the steps highlighted in the Medication Core, you should talk to your doctor.  Once your child’s colon is cleaned out, taking regular daily medicine can help ensure that your child has soft, formed poops at least once a day.  If your child is still having accidents after an earlier clean out, he or she may need to get cleaned out again before then adjusting the regular medicine dose.  It is quite possible your child got constipated or backed up again.  Changing the regular medicine dose alone is typically not enough if the child is already backed up.  So, if your child has started the UCanPoopToo program but is still having accidents, revisiting the Medication Core may help.  Read the material carefully to determine whether additional Clean Outs may be needed.

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