So, based on research, what might happen if my child’s encopresis isn’t addressed quickly?

Poor Grades Children with encopresis are often taunted, bullied, and ostracized from their peers, resulting in low self-esteem and decreased academic achievement (Har & Croffie, 2010. )

Cost of Missed Work Based on surveys conducted as part of a research study, the cost of encopresis in terms of missed days work, transportation, and toileting supplies averages $40 per week, not including doctor visits.(Ritterband; Thorndike, 2005. )

Low Self-Esteem Parents have rated the child’s lack of self-esteem as the most important consequence of constipation and incontinence, and these children have been found to exhibit more emotional and behavioral difficulties than others (Bernard-Bonnin, Haley, Belanger, & Nadeau, 1993).