Question and Answer with an Encopresis Expert

Thanks to this parent for his recent question to our encopresis experts regarding laxatives.

Question:  Are laxatives addictive?

Encopresis Expert Response:  As with any use of medications for treatment, it is important to consult with a physician prior to the start of laxatives for cleanout and/or treatment.  This tip is not a substitute for medical evaluation, advice, diagnosis, care or treatment.

Many studies have been done over time, as indicated in the research for constipation, that show the use of laxatives to be effective and safe.  It is important to treat constipation and encopresis with enough laxatives to clean out the colon and keep poop soft and keep the child using the bathroom regularly and without accidents.  This is safe and not addictive, but is necessary for a long period of time in order to break the pain and retention cycle.


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