Doctors Need Help Treating Encopresis

If you have been dealing with encopresis for a long time and are feeling fed up, don’t give up yet! Encopresis can be difficult to treat. Even pediatricians and family care physicians think so. In fact, in a recent survey by Dr. Philichi and Dr. Yuwono (Click here for more information), primary care physicians reported feeling confident that they could help their patients with constipation (73% of the doctors estimated a 75%-100% success rate when managing constipation). But, when asked about helping their patients beat encopresis, only 19% of doctors estimated a greater than 80% success rate with encopresis patients. What does this mean? It can be hard for primary care doctors to treat it alone.

Our research has shown that kids benefit from a combined medical and behavioral approach to managing the problem (Click here for more information). UCanPoopToo combines the expertise of clinicians and researchers from multiple disciplines, including pediatric gastroenterology, behavioral medicine, psychology, and online health interventions. We all came together to extend the support and care families receive through their primary care or pediatric physician. Whether through UCanPoopToo or another option, consider combining medical advice with behavioral modification, ongoing daily symptom monitoring, and corresponding adjustments in the child’s treatment regimen based on that monitoring. As you know well, it can take a lot of work to beat this problem. But it is beatable with the right combination of tools and strategies.

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