Management of childhood constipation: parents’ experiences, an article written by Dr. Farrell and published in the Journal of Advanced Nursing investigates parents’ experiences with health professionals as they try to treat their child’s constipation. Through a series of in-depth interviews with parents, Dr. Farrell found that the majority of parents’ experiences with health professionals could be categorized into six topics.  As a parent of a child with encopresis, you most likely have been frustrated by the lack of improvement and worry about your child’s future.

According to the the article, a large portion of the parents, at some point, feel they have to demand that action be taken, and once their child is diagnosed, many parents keep a close watch on their child’s bowel habits and medication, while paying extra attention to signs of increased difficulty. For more information on this article and to understand how UCanPoopToo can help you both take action now and regularly monitor your child’s progress, visit