Chat Excerpts from Encopresis Expert: Topic – Origins of Encopresis

Dr. Lee Ritterband, one of the creators of the UCanPoopToo program, answers questions from parents and caregivers regarding the origins of encopresis and other current issues related to handling a child’s encopresis.

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  1. My child has encopresis and I am worried that his siblings will have encopresis, as well.  Should I be concerned?
  2. My child has had success with laxatives however is still having accidents.  Is this behavioral in nature or is it an issue of overlow?
  3. I think my daughter is doing this on purpose.  How could she be having so many accidents?
  4. My 9 year old son was previously potty trained, however has now been having accidents since second grade.  What happened to set him back?
  5. Do you see children who refuse to use the toilet for pooping even though they regularly go for peeing?


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