The UCanPoopToo Program

Encopresis is frustrating for children and parents. And it’s probably not something you were expecting as a parent. That’s why, as trained clinicians and scientists, we put our experience and research to work helping children eliminate their soiling accidents.

UCanPoopToo is an online self-help program for pediatric encopresis. It was developed by researchers and clinicians with over 27 years treating encopresis and has been proven successful in numerous scientific studies.

Encopresis is not your or your child’s fault.

You and your child will use the UCanPoopToo online program together – from the privacy and convenience of your own home to help solve the behavioral, emotional, and physical issues associated with soiling accidents.

During the first week, you’ll both learn:

  1. How the body works and what causes encopresis
  2. Detailed medicine options to achieve regular bowel movements
  3. Child-focused exercises, techniques and behavioral strategies

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In subsequent weeks, you and your child will learn and work on new techniques, track progress, and receive new instructions based on how your child is doing. Weekly online follow-up questionnaires allow the program to make tailored recommendations for your child. You’ll receive information on how to deal with hygiene, school and social issues, giving you and your child tools to improve their overall quality of life. The program will continue to help support and maintain your child’s progress.

Nobody WANTS to have encopresis.

Disclaimer: UCanPoopToo™ content and features are not a substitute for medical evaluation, advice, diagnosis, care or treatment. BeHealth Solutions, LLC, the provider of this program, recommends that you always seek the advice of a physician or other health care professional for all health-related matters. This program should only be used as an educational program that supports your care and the treatment rendered by your physician. For additional disclaimer information, please click the Disclaimer link at the bottom of this page.